Spring Valley High School student lawyer_SC house minority leader Todd Rutherford

Attorney Todd Rutherford

*Apparently some misinformation went out about the student at the center of a violent incident at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina.

In and interview on Joe Madison’s Sirius XM show, the female victim’s lawyer, Todd Rutherford revealed that the student’s first name is Shakara.

In addition, Rutherford, who also serves as the South Carolina House Minority Leader, set the record straight on his client, saying Shakara is not an orphan. Also, contrary to rumor and media misinformation, it turns out, that Shakara’s mother and grandmother are very much alive.

Although Rutherford’s revelation apparently came from the New York Daily News misquoting him in an article, he did confirm one item from the reports, which state that Shakara is in foster care. According to media sources, the teen has been charged with disturbing school, a unique South Carolina law.

Shakara faces up to 90 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. Meanwhile, in 12 hours, $26,964 was raised via a GoFundMe page that was set up.

Rutherford’s comments about Shakara mark the latest developments since a video surfaced that shows Shakara being slammed to the ground by now former Spring Valley High resource officer Ben Fields.  The video went viral across social media, along with the misinformation about the student.

Hear Rutherford’s interview with Joe Madison below: