red white & baltimore (poster)

*Documentary filmmaker Kobie Brown spent a total of 20 days in Baltimore in the aftermath of protests around Freddie Gray, who suffered a spinal cord injury and later died while in police custody. Brown talked to residents of “Charm City” from all walks of life to collect first-person narratives about living in Baltimore, pre and post Freddie Gray.

“For me, watching coverage of the uprising in 2015 harkened to August 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. I couldn’t watch members of my community in despair without seeing it, and talking to them, first hand. So, I traveled to Baltimore and was inspired to document what I see as an important part of American history,” says Brown.

As the nation prepares for the historic trials of the six Baltimore police officers charged in Freddie Gray’s arrest and death, Brown’s docu-series “Red, White & Baltimore” will catalyze and centralize the social conversation around Baltimore, the uprisings and the trial with a four-part video series on and, as well as a group of #redwhiteandbmore twitter chats that kick off Monday, November 30.

The #redwhiteandbmore chats will take place from 8-9 p.m. EST on Mondays and Wednesdays from November 30 through December 9. Chat participants will include Pastor Jamal Bryant, writer and editor Jamilah Lemeiux, Very Smart Brothers creator Damon Young and podcast host Reggie Osse’ aka Combat Jack – among other distinct and compelling expert voices.  The November 30th chat will focus specifically on the trial, what it means on a national scale, and what needs to be done to curb police brutality around the country. Subsequent chats will focus on topics including The Impact of Drugs on Urban America, Achieving Academic Success in Urban Schools, Building Successful Anti-Violence Campaigns and Finding Success through Grass Roots Activism.

“It’s important to take a critical look at the disparities in our nation, but even more important to offer strategies on how to shift the paradigm. These discussions, the docu-series and all things #redwhiteandbmore have been done to accomplish both,” says Brown.

The docu-series with and The Atlantic are a preview to a larger docu-series for which The Kobie Chronicles seeks distribution.




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