the product - petti hendrix

‘The Product’ features rising rapper Petti Hendrix

*Dear Creative Directors in Television, “Please listen up.”

There is a TV pilot “trailer” you must see if your station wants to be at the forefront of a new hit cable TV series that is being filmed at locations across the country which includes Compton, Chicago, Milwaukee, Brooklyn, Detroit, Watts and Atlanta.

The show is RAW from a musical and filming perspective and it was specifically designed for that reason. “No floss, no gloss”. That was the objective of the filmmakers.

The Product” will be a hit TV show for Hip Hop audiences around the world because of one reason… The “underground and the streets in the U.S. want it in a major way” and the young people have taken to the various social media outlets to let their feelings be known.

“The Product” is the new show that follows the lives of rising underground Rap artists and Urban filmmakers from inner city ghettos across the country and it shows the “grind and sacrifices” these young artists make to realize their dreams of sharing their creative gifts with the world.

As we all know from past TV shows that deal with recording artists and filmmakers, the artists that are featured are usually already signed to a major corporation, or they are being groomed for stardom by a major star who has taken them under their creative wing.

“The Product” does the exact opposite from those other shows on the market and what a breath of fresh air it is.

“The Product” wants to take the viewers into the worlds of these young people to see just what they endure in their personal quests for stardom and to hear from the artists personally about “why they do what they do” as they battle poverty issues, gang violence and drug wars to accomplish their dreams.

The show is different in another way as well, because it gives “hope” to young people when they see individuals that “look like themselves, dress  like themselves, talk like themselves and live like themselves. A concept that unfortunately has been laying dormant until the creation of this show.

“The Product” also highlights the concept of “hard work and dedication” that must be practiced and implemented on a daily basis if you are truly focused on realizing your dreams and becoming a success in your field of choice.

The new show was developed by three young men out of Milwaukee Wisconsin and Compton California and the filming and the production of the pilot is being headed by “Mr. Kimble Wheeler” and his “HiphopND” entertainment company located in Milwaukee.

Mr. Wheeler stated that the filming and editing of the pilot will be completed and ready for review by the various TV outlets within a few weeks and its completion will be the culmination of two years of filming.

Watch the trailer for “The Product”:

Inquiries should be directed to Mr. Kimble “KB” Wheeler at:  [email protected]