Quannell X debates Angela Box on Houston's Fox 26

Quannell X debates Angela Box on Houston’s Fox 26

*Things got heated on Houston’s Fox 26 on Tuesday during a discussion about the 16-year-old black schoolgirl slammed and dragged by a white resource officer in South Carolina.

Conservative host Angela Box said she didn’t think Officer Ben Fields, who was fired last Wednesday, should have lost his job over “subduing an unruly student in a classroom,” and insisted that the girl was “no innocent little lamb.”

“When you have a student disrupting the class making life hell for the teachers and other students it is impossible for other students to learn,” she said. “I do agree the cop went too far but I don’t think he should have lost his job over it.”

Her guest, African American community activist Quanell X, responded calmly by saying that the cop was justified in being terminated and that Fields should be indicted for “assaulting that child.”

He moved on to address Box putting the blame on “black culture,” and asked why she wasn’t concerned with the “crazy little white boys” who commit mass shootings.

Box uncrossed and crossed her legs, shook her finger at Quanell X and raised her voice: “We have the black culture, unfortunately, the black community has been run by Democrats for the last 60 years and it’s destroyed the black family, destroyed initiative, destroyed self-worth. You have kids out there shooting each other, it’s not just white kids. Black kids shoot each other all the time!”

“But wait a minute!” said Quannell.

The two continued to shout back and forth.

Listen to the entire exchange below: