jermaine & halima

*Earlier this week the EUR reported that Halima Rashid, Jermaine Jackson‘s wife was arrested for biting his leg during a fight the two were having.

When a TMZ videographer caught up with him a day or two after the incident, Jermaine tried to downplay the incident. “Things happen,” he said and claimed he’s just fine after the incident over Thanksgiving weekend.

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Now of course no one outside of Jermaine and Halima know what led to their altercation, but it may have something to do with Jermaine allegedly tipping on Halima with another woman. We say this because we were contacted by a woman who says she’s the “friend” of the woman that Jermaine was allegedly seeing on the side. The woman who contacted us said she has pics of Jermaine and the side piece (and the side piece’s son, too). She also says she has a photo of the woman and Jermaine that was taken on Thanksgiving day. Hmm, if that’s true, it could that be the very reason for the blow up between Jermaine and Halima. By the way, we could tell the woman who called us was on her way to asking for money for the photos of Jermaine and her “friend,” but she abruptly decided to end the conversation when she decided we were being “condescending” to her. At that point she said she was no longer interested in dealing with us and hung up.

Oh well.

So, if you see pics on another site, remember you heard about them here, first.

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In any event, even though he hasn’t spoken to his wife since the arrest … Jermaine appears to be in forgive and forget mode when it comes to their 11 year marriage.

We can only wonder how Halima feels about the situation.