Dear Stitches,

During this past weekend I happened to turn on my computer to see what the world had to offer and there before my eyes was one of the most “intriguing scenes” I have ever witnessed in my entire life!

In the video I was viewing there seemed to be some type of verbal altercation brewing between you and the Compton Rapper known as “Game” outside of a business in the Miami area where you call home.

You seemed to be extremely angry and frustrated while exiting your expensive car and you were hurling insults and challenging “Game” to a fight and questing his manhood.

Looking closer at you as I concentrated on what I was seeing… I saw a great deal of “Stitches” that were scrawled all across your face either by some type of weird “sharpie” or by an extremely intoxicated tattoo artist who lost his way visually through the process. Quite frankly I was “shocked” to see the poor quality of the work that was done on your stupid looking face.

As the video footage continued, I saw you make a “rapid advance” towards a small group of Black men who just happened to see you approaching them in a “menacing manner”… ( bad move)… and they immediately prepared for whatever ignorance you had decided to employ that night under the Miami moonlight.

Shortly thereafter, when you got within punching distance… ( bad move again ) you were punched in the face by a young man who was quite a bit smaller than you…and you were instantly “close friends with the concrete” sidewalk.

As you were punched, you fell back and landed on your head and were unable to defend yourself. As you tried to get up when you were obviously still extremely dizzy, you came crashing down “again” into the arms of your backup crew who were very distraught ( and rightfully so ) concerning your “performance” during the altercation which “you started”.

Later that same evening, your so-called “backup crew” decided that you had totally embarrassed their click and they proceeded to treat you like a “human punching bag” and puffed up your face to show their displeasure with your debut street performance.

And….on top of that…you got arrested. Hmmmmm?

Now listen up “Stitches”, I really have to speak with you straight up.

I’m not here to take sides, but you’re not a real tough guy and from a street perspective as far as I can see and your chin is a bit suspect.

Also, by seeing you walk up on a group of “real street guys” in an aggressive manner shows me that not only are you a fraud in real life…you’re also very very limited intellectually speaking on how to survive in the streets.

After seeing this foolishness on your part, I decided to research your prior postings on the internet and I saw you threatening “Game” while holding an assault rifle and vowing to show the world just how tough you are.

Well, from what I saw….you gotta give it a rest.

“Stitches” you gave real Caucasian gangsters something to cringe about. “You hurt their brand”.

Give the guns back, clean your face up, comb your hair, get some dental implants, learn to speak proper “Caucasian” and don’t ever, ever, ever enter a recording booth again. It simply is not for you at this point in your life.

I suggest that you ask for “true forgiveness” from the “true Caucasian gangsters” who push that line in our society. They cannot be happy with your latest performance.

“Stitches”….please reach out for me in order for me to assist you in finding employment.

It will not be in the field of recorded music…but maybe, just maybe there could be a job waiting for you at a public relations agency. You did a great job promoting your “personal ignorance on a large scale” so why not get a real paycheck for your time.

Oh…and one last thing…please show everyone the magic trick we have all enjoyed over these past decades…you know…the one where the person vanishes in a puff of smoke !

To reach Stan Sheppard email: [email protected]

Stan Shepperd

Music industry consultant, Stan Sheppard