the nest*Directed by Semaje Turnage, “The Nest” is a new urban web series about hood life in Watts California, a community in Los Angeles, that depicts the turbulent life of OG Rider Black (Tyrone), whose jaded, jailhouse narrative takes viewers into a shadowy world of power, death, and betrayal.

The weekly, half-hour drama is a no-holds-barred look at the way youngsters navigate thug life and get caught in its deadly web of survival.

The official synopsis reads:

“A war erupts when a beloved gang leader dies as a robbery escalates into murder, and everyone is caught up in the chaotic whirlwind of events that follow. As the blades of sheriff’s helicopters slice the air above the ‘hood, Tyrone continues his angry narrative, shaped by his harsh prison existence and fury at a system that is beyond his ability to control. Tyrone reveals that his brother, Earl (Lil Rider Black), shares many similarities with him. Earl finds it hard to resist getting caught up with the gangs, and he must decide whether to follow his new life, or his loyalty to his family, raising the question of whether we choose our lives, or if our lives choose us. Their sister Sharon (Squeeze) thinks she already has life figured out. The question is will Earl follow in her footsteps and will it lead them both down the wrong path. Tyrone’s unflinching, streetwise tale brings the viewer face-to-face with the grim realities of life in a place locals refer to as “the ghetto birds’ nest”. Will Earl find a way to escape this dangerous place, or will expanding vortex of gangster life pull him down? As it did many of those around him.”

The Nest“The Nest” is a relentlessly real, shamelessly honest look into a dark corner of America–where bullets can fly at any time, and people must struggle to survive in a town known for its violent history of riots and crime as a way of life. Can Tyrone, Squeeze and Earl find a way to finally escape “The Nest”?

“The Nest” resonates with a young, urban audiences with its tough questions about life choices and relevance to everyday realities in cities everywhere. Critics are already calling it “the best new drama series since The Wire”.

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