*Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson on Friday, January 22 called on Kevin Mansell, President and CEO of retail giant Kohl’s  which is the official sponsor of the Oscars Telecast on ABC, February 28 to tune out the Oscars with its ad dollars.

Hutchinson said in an email to Mansell ([email protected]):

“Take special Note: As with African-Americans, not one Hispanic actor or actress was nominated in any Oscar category for the second year in a row. Yet here’s what Will Setliff, Kohl’s executive vice president of marketing says,”Program viewership is significantly higher with consumer groups we’re most focused on, including our core demographic, Hispanics… making this a perfect fit for Kohl’s.”

“Kohl’s pitch for and to Hispanics is doubly insulting given the Oscars’ blatant and continuing refusal to honor actors and actresses of color with its top awards,” says Hutchinson,” Kohl’s and other Oscar telecast ceremony sponsors have an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to responsible and good corporate citizenship and artistic justice and fair play by tuning out their ad dollars to the 2016 Oscar’s ceremony.”

Hutchinson notes these advertising and revenue facts about the Oscar’s ABC Telecast in 2015:

It commands an average unit price of around $1.85 million per 30-second spot

  • ABC caps the ad load at around 9.25 minutes per hour
  • Hyundai invested north of $12 million in last year’s broadcast
  • Coca-Cola accounted for the third-largest commitment ($8.5 million)
  • General Motors assumed the exclusive automaker sponsor
  • Pepsi reclaimed the nonalcoholic beverage sponsor

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