I recently read a story about presidential candidate, Donald Trump. It’s hard NOT to see him in the news these days, right? It’s an interview with current/wife number 3, Melania, about how they met. The story is that he saw her in a restaurant, wanted to get to know her better, then proceeded to give her his contact information. Problem? He was on another date with another woman. Hold on. Now, this story got me thinking…

Donald and Melania Trump

Donald and Melania Trump

Donald Trump is like a smokescreen boyfriend, a lot of swagger with no substance. You know the guy who wines & dines you and does all of the things that appeal to your ego to keep you excited but does absolutely nothing to hone in on what really makes your heart beat & your life better? Yep, plenty of us have dated this guy. Remember, this story does not end well.

Turns out he’s really insecure and he likes to say and do the big “Tada” to make himself feel like the man. He’s telling the key people exactly what they want to hear and screwing everybody in sight along the way.

As long as you’re drinking, he’s buying. But when you sober up, God let’s get sober already, you’ll discover it was all a dream, like in Word Up magazine (lol)!

In relationships, it’s important to “stay woke”, as they say. Here are my key tips for avoiding the smokescreen:

Be cautious with your heart. Finding love is a blessing. But sometimes, not all people have your best interests at heart. Get to know your potential partner like you know the back of your hand before going “all in”.

Exercise good judgment. Who doesn’t like to be wined and dined? Go ahead and enjoy! But just know that most of us always put our game faces on to get to the next step.

Watch out for red flags. How does he deal with others? Do you notice that he uses the smokescreen with family, friends or business associates? If so, he’ll more than likely use it with you too.

Always put your needs first. How is he beyond the wining and dining? Is he all that you’ve been looking for from beginning to end AND in between?

Remember what really makes you happy. Sure, he can wine you and dine you. But is he respectful? Is he truthful? Does he have those qualities that you value in a person of admirable character? And then…

Except nothing less than that. It all goes back to what you want and value. You deserve nothing less than the best!

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