chinese beauty contestants

*Lots of people strip for a living:  exotic dancers, professional swimmers, manicurists, painters (wait for it…), but while it would up the ante for membership in the “mile high club,” most flight attendants who ask “Would you like a beverage?” do so fully dressed.

That didn’t stop a Chinese modeling school from requiring potential flight attendants to parade around in skimpy bikinis before they were offered jobs.

To keep it real, my initial reaction upon hearing this was “Sounds good to me.” Yeah, I’m a freak.

My second reaction was “Did the male applications have to parade around in Speedos?” Yeah, I’m a gender equality-loving, equal opportunity freak.

The Oriental Beauty modeling agency hosted the event, and entrants were required to be “elegant, slim, have [a] sweet voice and have no scars in the exposed part of their skin.” To be considered for the competition, women had to be at least 5’6″ tall, but exceptions were made for those at least 5’5″ if she was exceptionally pretty.

One inch shorter was ok IF she was hot.  I kid you not.

Some people took offense at this whole event.  Again, no shit, Sherlock.

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