Gynnya McMillen

Gynnya McMillen

*Sandra Bland of Texas, Kindra Chapman of Alabama, Joyce Curnell of South Carolina, Ralkina Jones of Ohio, Alexis McGovern of Missouri, and Raynetta Turner of New York (scroll down for photos) and now a teenage girl named Gynnya McMillen of Kentucky (shown above) are all African American women who were found “unresponsive” while in police custody.

The first six within a month’s time.

These deaths appear to be an alarming new trend that continues to call into question WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON ONCE THESE WOMEN ARE TAKEN INTO CUSTODY?

I don’t even recall hearing of such a thing–and certainly not with such regularity– prior to July 13, when Bland was found unresponsive in a Waller County, Texas jail cell; and we were expected to believe she had hung herself in a period of what, the two days she had been there based on a traffic stop?

Why are black women dying in jail all of a sudden?

Now we have 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen, a teen described by residential counselor, Karen Whaley, as a “quiet, beautiful person” who “kept to herself” as the latest victim in this highly suspect trend.

What the f**k is going on? Have these authorities become so convinced that no one will miss these black women? Or do they feel that we will raise hell for “a hot minute” and then the storm will blow over?

Are you as baffled as I am? 


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