Corrie Harris, EntouchFashion

Corrie Harris, EntouchFashion

*Corrie Harris, had dreams of becoming an actress in the entertainment industry. Because she ended up marrying young and then having her first child, her dreams were difered.  Throughout the years of her being a wife and a mother, she never lost sight of her true passion, which was fashion.

Harris fell in love with fashion as a young girl. She would often watch her grandmother piece different outfits together along with accessories creating a jaw dropping reaction. Her obsession with multiple textured clothing such as beading, embroidery, and fringe helped mold and shape her own sense of style and appreciation for fashion today.

“In the 90’s in high school, I would hop in my BW and go to the (Good)Will.” “But I’ve always loved vintage clothing. I love knit suits, fur wraps, and capes. You can just put those things on and they can just say something that other things you see in commercial stores just can’t say.”

Early on in her acting career, she payed close attention to what was going on behind the scenes in regards to castings for jobs. Harris noticed the lack of opportunities African-American designers were afforded in the industry and didn’t agree with it one bit.

“I realized that designers of color didn’t have an outlet to really be seen or to be noticed. So then i said with the people that I do know, I could really make myself of use in this industry in that way.”

In Harris’ down time she created the EnTouchFashion blog which allows people who love contemporary fashion to come and enjoy a open minded experience. Entouch also affords amateur designers an opportunity to showcase their creations in hopes of landing them in the hands of celebrities and influencers alike.

While Harris was busy catering to her current audience, she was thinking of ways to expand her participation. She reached out to her good friend Rita McGhee, who had just landed the job as a costume designer for the highly syndicated television series “Empire.” After conversations about what Harris’ brand entailed McGhee was on board with the idea and gave Harris a shot. Since then, her client’s designs have been placed in Spike Lee’s “Chiraq,” “Empire,” and the new BET series, “Zoe Ever After.”

Aside from helping young designers get their start, Harris enjoys Vlogging her choices of style along with reviewing them via her Youtube channel (scroll down to watch). She truly believes that one is never too old to dream and can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

“ I’m in my forties, I have two grown children and I still have a young child. But, I decided I’m not going to wait anymore I’m gonna pursue my dreams.”

Corrie Harris’ hopes for the upcoming year is to increase styling opportunities for new designers. She plans to link their work to high profile jobs such as red carpets, films and Interviewing opportunities. The fashionista is looking to expand her roster, so if you or anyone you may know would be interested in EntouchFashion, click HERE for more information.