triple 9 red carpet (danny trejo & jimmy v)

*EUR was on the scene for the “Triple 9” movie premiere which was held on Tuesday, February 16 at Regal L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles.

The premiere was a star studded event that featured Director John Hillcoat and cast members Aaron Paul, Anthony Mackie, Clifton Collins Jr. and many more.

“Triple 9” is the action packed crime thriller based out of Atlanta. A group of thieves come together to rob a bank forcing them to get away in broad day light. In all great films when a plan goes wrong a better plan gets formulated into action. But, members of the team have their own agenda according to actor Clifton Collins Jr. who plays the character Jorge Rodriguez the “bad cop.”

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EURweb associate Jimmy V had the chance to speak with Hillcoat on the red carpet. The director shared how he was always fascinated with street gang culture. A few of his inspirations came from his favorite gangster movie of all time, “Goodfellas.” When creating this film he wanted to show the change that street culture has gone through in the past decade. The typical mobsters in suits have changed into thugs with tattoos and anger issues.

Actor Carlos Aviles who has been seen in films such as “Ant Man” (2015) and “Flight” (2012) is playing the character Fernando Rivera, the leader of a street gang. When asked how he prepared for his role he said his experience in the military prior to pursuing a career in acting gave him a great place to refer too. Aviles is no stranger to tattoos as he explained that he has over one hundred tattoos that can be seen all over his body including his face. His character Fernando perfectly represents the street culture Hillcoat wanted to express in “Triple 9.” The film’s casting team did a great job of bringing together a diverse team that’s able to express the difference of life with and without a badge.

This is an action crime thriller that you don’t want to miss. “Triple 9” officially hits theatres in North America on Friday, February, 26.