faith evans bet close

*Faith Evans says her planned duets album featuring her late husband The Notorious B.I.G. is close to being a done deal, reports

The singer — who first spoke about the project in a 2014 interview with Hip Hollywood — recently appeared on the Dame Dash Radio Show to offer an update, saying that the project, titled “The King & I,” is in the “finishing stages.”

“I had no idea how I was gonna even go about it but it’s been coming along pretty awesome,” she said, adding that she’s been working with Biggie’s mom Voletta Wallace. “If he was alive, I know we would’ve done something like this but the way it’s coming together, the way I’m using his vocals, it’s just giving his stuff new life. I think people are gonna really enjoy it.”

As far as performances in support of the project, Faith said she’s looking into the hologram option: “We actually are in development with a hologram [company] but I don’t necessarily know to what extent I’m going to perform with it but I definitely want to debut it probably in the first video for the album and maybe use it a little bit performance-wise but that depends on a lot of things.” She also said, “If this Bad Boy [reunion] tour ever really happens, that might be something we might consider and if I was to go on that tour, of course, I’d use it but just not over-use it.”

Regarding the structure of the duets album, Faith said, “I want to do something like that on this album actually. I’m not trying to re-do what Puff has already done and have a gang of features, just the right ones that make sense but there’s other creative ways I can intertwine people that knew him and actually have stories to tell about him.” She also mentioned using past interviews on the album where the rapper talks of being with Faith.

Evans also said she’s written a play based on her 2009 book Keep The Faith: A Memoir.