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*Lamar Odom may be going through times right now, but the former reality TV star could have a chance to make a return to the sport he loves.

Rolling Out cites media sources which report that Odom’s fellow (NBA veteran, Baron Davis is planning to invite him to join the legendary Drew League. The Watts, California-based exclusive basketball league is noted for attracting current basketball stars like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and LeBron James, who have come during the NBA off-season to hone their skills.

“I’m going to reach out to LO to see if he would want to play alongside me on my team since he is wanting to return,” Davis said in an interview about his invitation.

Considering Odom’s string of negative happenings in recent years, Davis’ offer could be what’s needed for him to bounce back.

Odom’s notable setbacks include his pending divorce from wife Khloe Kardashian as well as his life-threatening drug addiction and near-fatal overdose while spending time at a Nevada brothel last October. The incident resulted in him being rushed to the hospital, where he fought for his life before going to rehab. Although doctors said it would be a year before Odom got back to normal, he ultimately dug in and recovered quicker than expected

With his recovery comes a renewed desire to return to the NBA, as Odom made it known at Bryant’s final NBA game last week.

“I still got it,” Odom said about a comeback.

So what say you? Do you feel the Drew League would help get Odom back on track or will it take more than that for him to be in a position to return to basketball?

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baron davis & lamar odom

Baron Davis & Lamar Odom