Bill Cosby*USA Today reports that 78-year-old Bill Cosby is actively trying to reseal his prior testimony on affairs, drugs and other questionable shenanigans so that Andrea Constand, the accuser in his pending criminal case, and other women accusing him of sexual assault and defamation, can’t use it against him.

Lawyers for Cosby went to federal court in Philadelphia Wednesday to request that the actor’s prior deposition testimony be resealed. The deposition transcripts were unsealed in 2015, with much of the contents of the entire testimony now public knowledge, which can work against the Bill and will be hard to conceal, the publication notes.

A judge refused a request to postpone or cancel a deposition for the comedian’s wife, Camille, while placing restrictions on what questions could be asked.

“While not agreeing to terminate the deposition, the court granted Mrs. Cosby’s request to limit the types of questions she could be asked going forward, prohibiting plaintiffs from asking improper questions, questions seeking her opinion, and questions involving marital communications,” the couple’s publicist, Andrew Wyatt, said.

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Meanwhile, NY Daily News reports that Cosby’s lawyers argued in a California courtroom Thursday that a lawsuit claiming he molested a 15-year-old girl inside the Playboy Mansion in 1974 is lacking legal support and evidence, and should be tossed…but the judge disagreed.

The lawyers claimed plaintiff Judy Huth changed her timeline regarding her “delayed discovery” of abuse as it relates to Cosby. Her original certification for her December 2014 lawsuit gave one version of events while a supplemental declaration gave “conflicting” information, Cosby’s lawyer Randa Osman argued.

Huth’s lawyer described the timeline change as a “clarification” that the court previously vetted and accepted as “satisfactory.” Judge Craig Karlan agreed, also suggesting the date discrepancy wasn’t a deal breaker because everything else about the case still fell within the statute of limitations.

“This was yet another desperate attempt by Mr. Cosby to derail our case and avoid having to face our client Ms. Huth in a court of law,” Huth’s lead lawyer Gloria Allred said after the hearing.

“All Ms. Huth has ever wanted is the opportunity to present her case to a jury. All Mr. Cosby has ever wanted was to avoid having to face a jury. We trust a jury to decide this case. Mr. Cosby obviously does not,” Allred said.