rob kardashian & blac chyna

*Even though Blac Chyna is set to become a Kardashian in name, don’t look for her to take it any farther. In other words, she has her own brand that she wants to keep separate from the K’s.

Sources, according to TMZ, say the future Mrs. Robert Kardashian has made it clear to his family that she will not sign with Kris, will not be under the Kardashian umbrella, will not do their reality show … and on and on.

Hmm, we could be wrong, but this doesn’t sound like a good way to ensure friendly relations with your future in-laws. We understand she wants a certain amount of independence, but businesswise, it doesn’t sound like a wise move. But then again, becoming involved with that family and trying to overshadow them doesn’t sound like a wise move, either.

Anyway, the report goes on to say that Chyna wants nothing to do with TV … she’s far more interested in developing a Paris Hilton-style business empire, hawking everything from eyelashes to purses.

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She also says the notion she’s benefited from the Kardashians is BS, and in fact Rob has richly benefited from her. Truth be told, Rob’s been making money since hooking up with Chyna … promoting teeth whitening products, women’s shoes and other stuff on social media … for $$$$.

On the other hand, it seems that Rob Kardashian is totally into her and isn’t interested doing the KUWTK thing on TV either. He also sees himself not only as Blac Chyna’s fiancée’, but her business partner as well.

Meanwhile, in other Kardashian news … OK, it’s not exactly Kardashian news per se, but it does involve a family member. That would be Kanye West.

Actually the news is about Kanye’s mic that didn’t work when he made his appearance at Coachella Friday night. Think about it. Kanye West with a mic that doesn’t work? You can only image the sheer terror that he was experiencing.

It seems A$AP Rocky brought Kanye up on stage as the big surprise, but Yeezy’s mic malfunctioned. You hear A$AP and backup music but no Kanye.

We’re told A$AP got super pissed and after the video ends, he tossed his mic and abruptly ended his set with Kanye in tow.

Well obviously that was not a drop the mic moment.