joakim_noah_youre_not_alone gun violence documentary*The subject of gun violence is a strong one that produces many stories and views.

And members of the Chicago Bulls are not immune to the tragedies that emerge from gun violence. Members of the team open up as they reflect on the pain of gun violence in the mini anti-violence documentary “You’re Not Alone.”

Players featured in the Alex Kotlowitz-directed film include Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson as well as youth voices, which address personal loss of friends and loved ones from gun violence. “You’re Not Alone” is produced by Bulls center, Joakim Noah.

According to, the film’s message, “We’re all in this together,” is part of Noah’s foundation, Noah’s Arc, a mentorship program that also runs an anti-violence basketball tournament.

In addition to “You’re Not Alone,” Noah’s Arc Foundation is a pendant designed by Noah’s mother. Proceeds from the sale of the sculptured teardrop ” Drop of Consciousness” pendant go toward the organization’s mission.

Regarding the pendant, Noah hopes it can provide citywide hope as well as be seen as a symbol of non-violence.

To see the “You’re Not Alone” documentary, check out the video below: