Wow, talk about somebody going batcrap crazy over … nothing, basically.

A guy named Isaiah Baskins had an absolutely insane (literally) encounter with a volunteer at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC and posted the above video.

Baskins claims the volunteer, an elderly white lady who has not been identified as of yet, used racial slurs against him and his children prior to recording the incident at the Family Resource Center inside the medical facility.

The video begins with the volunteer walking away from Baskins and Baskins saying, “There’s something wrong with this volunteer. She’s acting a fool.”

The volunteer pushes a baby stroller out of the family resource center and tells him “you’re getting out.”

Baskins told her he was recording the encounter. She responded:

“I don’t have to put up with you,” and that she didn’t have to look at his gray underwear and baggy pants.

She proceeded to shout on the phone for security to remove Baskins and his children. She appeared to reach toward the children, then shouted “get out, get out” and “get your damn underwear out of here … I don’t want to see it” and “dirty old tramp.”

A security guard eventually showed up to obtain statements on the incident. Officials from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center posted an apology on the video Baskins posted:

“We deeply regret and apologize for this behavior demonstrated by our volunteer in this video,” “We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for all, with respect, dignity, and compassion. We are taking action, and this individual is no longer a volunteer with our organization. If they haven’t already, one of our senior executives should be reaching out to you shortly. Again, we apologize for this appalling incident.”

The Wiston-Salem Journal ( also obtained comments from the medical center that reads:

“Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is shocked and appalled at the behavior demonstrated by our volunteer in this video. This behavior does not reflect our identity or our values. This individual is no longer a volunteer with our organization.”