dj-quik-kanye-west*Looks like Kanye West’s latest album has a certified critic in DJ Quik.

According to TMZ, Quik went in on West and his new album “The Life of Pablo” during an appearance on Noah Ayala‘s radio show, saying fans aren’t stupid and can spot a bad product. On top of that, Quik offered some advice to West with a harsh delivery as he challenged the “Stronger” rhymesayer to get his head out of his wife Kim Kardashian’s vagina and start making better music.

Quik’s comments and appearance on Ayala’s show came as he was promoting his new release, “Rosecrans.” Although it strongly came off as a total slam of West, Quik claims that he was trying to dis the entertainer.


In other news, Khloe Kardashian apparently still cool with Lamar Odom.


Fresh off her recent emotional Instagram post, which found her realizing that she can’t save her estranged husband, Kardashian aired new thoughts on Snapchat.

Media sources report that the reality star, who just joined the popular social media site, made a noticeable debut with posting pictues, one of which included Odom, who she used to affectionately call “Lamby.”

The posting marks a contrast from the perception that Kardashian’s divorce from Odom was still on after she stated, “Don’t lose yourself by trying to fix what’s meant to stay broken,”

Keep in mind that Odom and Kardashian are still legally married.

Here’s Kardashian’s Snapchat post: