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*Like a peddler selling snake oil to a curious crowd at a carnival, “the Donald” has consistently woven that rhetorical euphemism into his current brand. He is so self-assured that whatever preceded his responsive trumpism,  it is a mockery.  His mostly empty speech sheets in one hand and a fist with the other to personalize his anger against the so called liberal media and protesters whose backgrounds usually don’t reflect his, have become emblematic at his stump stops.

Mid June of last year, he announced his bid to take a four-year residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation’s capitol.  Of course, the real estate mogul turned reality-show host’s lodging would be largely predicated on the established GOP, now turned non established GOP.   This never-before-elected-candidate got the country’s immediate attention with flair, bravado and a winner-take-all platform.  With an attitude of you are either with me or you are not, conjunctive with snide and disingenuous chatter thrust at his opponents, the Brooklyn salesman proclaims to do what no other candidate can deliver … at least, not as well.  For  Chairman Reince Priebus and many of the Republican party mainstay, cordiality and support for their frontrunner has been slipping out his back door.  The bolstering ballot-seeker has yet to share his apotropaic remedy for the riddance of our nation’s ills.  So far his most trusted advisor and confidante` is him.  Wow!

While heaping self-praise, just short of self-anointment, one would preclude this uncanny ongoing gift of winning would be partially attributable to an enviable stint at his alma mater, the prestigious Wharton School Business.  Why?  Well, because he told us so.  However, extensive research indicates, there is little to less substantiation to confirm his remarkable academic tenure.  At best, he was a C student with no outstanding attributes commensurate with his self-stipulated brilliance.  It appears that in real life, Mr. Trump is a celebrity apprentice after all.  I, for one would like to have his bluster validated. Perhaps I could hire two anonymous detectives to visit the school’s Registrar’s office to confirm my suspicions?  Hhmmmm….

The rallying cry, “Make America Great Again,” leads me to wonder just how “non-great” are we and what benchmark will determine ground zero where we went wrong… the end of the American Revolution or the Civil War?  Did the red, white and blue brand get so tangled that the Democrat-turned-Republican pivoted to the white, disenchanted middle class, leaving the red on the right, the blue on the left to fend for themselves?

I surmised that it was the 2012 Tea Party which was already caffeinated and just strong enough to desensitize the brain cells of a compassionate and equitable body politic that reawakened the instigation.  It was this minority faction of the GOP that was allowed to continue its spoiled and bigoted behavior with an ever so slight reprimand.  Clearly it was the proverbial slap on the wrist with a hollow warning to stop its Tom Foolery … or else.  Or else, what?  The root of the problem is that there was never a viable consequence.  As a result, an unattended child grew into an adult misfit … Tom morphed into Frank-enstein while Donald Duck the Issues became the quack apparent!

With polls continuing in his favor to become the Republican presidential nominee, Donald has demonstrated an unparalleled lack of etiquette, information, affability and composure for the office he aspires to attain. Instead, he is abound with self absorption, independence, entitlement and xenophobia.  Continuously, the question arises, “How has he managed to stay ahead of the fray”?  In a word, simplicity.  Donald’s supporters want straight talk; no Beltway jargon for them.  They have had enough political correctness.  They want promises made that they make to each other at the breakfast table or standing around whatever office water coolers are left.  Ironically, the reality show mogul offers the disenfranchised, lesser educated, even less traveled and McCain-Romney supporters the hope of living a life much like their leader, Donald Drumpf  (not a typo)… a billionaire who quips about being born into “the lucky sperm club”.  More Wow!

Accusations of collusion to alter convention rules unfavorable to the Donald, have recently dominated the GOP race to nominate.  It appears the captain’s map to Treasure Island, right off the coast of Cleveland, did not account for detours due to bad weather.  The scurrilous and denigrating remarks made prior to the ship setting sail has nurtured a derivative of scurvy now starting to induce turmoil among the crew.  This could predictably lead to mutiny on board the seemingly sinking SS GOP.

Unfortunately, the Presidential hopeful isn’t kidding as much as he is just acting like one who should know better… 

chris jones

Chris Jones

Chris Jones, a native New Yorker residing in Los Angeles, has written consistently about his observations of ethics, culture and day-to-day life in the urban community.  A political science enthusiast and staunch supporter of voter registration, his professional background includes business manager for Stevie Wonder, Greg Phillinganes (Music Director for Michael Jackson), executive appointments for promotion and marketing responsibilities at Island, Motown and Warner Bros record companies, respectively.  Response to his commentaries can be forwarded to [email protected]