Dr. Phil’s Prince Connection; Reaction to Overdose Rumors
*On “The Talk,” Dr. Phil opens up on his connection to Prince through his son, musician Jordan McGraw. Dr. Phil says, “His girlfriend…Kato was mentored by Prince right up until the last few weeks, for several years. She performed with him. She toured with him. She did duets with him on his tour and album. He was known to our family through her…it really was a devastating loss to her. I just hate to see when we keep losing to what I consider to be national treasures to these drug overdoses. And if that is, in fact, what happened here…and we don’t know…then it’s another tragedy that’s going to be written off to that.”

Dr. Phil on Interview with Nick Gordon: ‘There are Some Shocking Things’
Dr. Phil shares a clip from his exclusive interview with Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s former boyfriend, and reveals details from their conversation. He says, “I asked him the hard questions…Did you murder Bobbi Kristina Brown?…Did you put her face down in the bathtub and leave her to die…Did you murder Whitney Houston?… Some things come out in this interview… I’m hard to shock, there are some shocking things that come out.” Dr. Phil continues, “I need to let people hear what he says and form their own judgement about the credibility of his answers.”

Hosts Tackle Prescription Drugs Epidemic Amidst Prince & Chyna’s Death  
It’s rumored that Prince and former female wrestler Chyna both died from an overdose. “The Talk” hosts discuss doctors prescribing addictive medications too easily. Aisha Tyler says, “There are two sides to this…Prince was an incredible performer. We can’t say for sure that this man was maybe in chronic, terrible pain…and that this might have been just a terrible conflict of factors.” Sharon Osbourne responds, “I think these drugs are given out far too easily and especially when you are in the public eye.” Sara Gilbert adds, “I do think our culture overly prescribes, but it’s a shared responsibility between patients and the doctors.”
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