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via TMZ

*Draya Michele wants you to know that her body is back to being fit and fab in less than 3 weeks since giving birth to her second son, and her first child with NFL player Orlando Scandrick. They started dating in January 2013 while she was filming “Basketball Wives LA.” The couple announced their engagement in 2015 but called it quits a year later, while she was pregnant, only to get back together two weeks later. When critics questioned the paternity of Michele’s baby following their split, she took to social media to defend her baby.

“This child is Orlando’s and him and I both know it,” she wrote. “Clearly only one of us in this relationship has thick enough skin to deal with the blogs. Thank you all. A simple congratulations woulda been fine.”

She gave birth to their son on April 8, and announced his arrival via social media:

“Thank you EVERYONE for the blessings and well wishes!!!” she tweeted with a string of heart emojis. “I had him last week and I just wanted to take that time to enjoy him as my own little special gift. Plus, I had those amazing maternity photos I had to get out!!!”

Michele is already mom to 13-year-old son Kniko, and Scandrick is dad to twin daughters from a previous relationship.

TMZ caught up with Draya outside Revolt TV’s studio in Hollywood where she talked about how she’s getting her body back to its pre-baby status. She also shares how she intends to rekindle her sex life since pushing out her new bundle of joy… and Orlando can’t be happy about it.


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Richard Sherman

Meanwhile, Richard Sherman went undercover as a Lyft driver in order to prank himself… because obviously he’s bored with life at the moment, and well – why not spend a day driving for Lyft!

The Seattle Seahawks superstar picked up unsuspecting passengers in Seattle to see just how the locals felt about him. You may find the results hilarious, check out the video below.

Sherman was dropping subtle hints about his true identity along the way, such as:

“I just came back from Hawaii actually with some of my friends. I try to make sure I go every year. There’s like 50 of us. We even see some guys we really don’t like so much from work but that’s part of the job.”