*Jay Z knew what was coming on Saturday when his wife, Beyonce, poured out her “Lemonade” and unleashed upon the world its theme of infidelity and healing.

So far, there’s been no confirmation that Bey is indeed referring to her own marriage on “Lemonade,” but for the handful of folks wondering if Jay Z may have been blindsided by the lyrics (even though he appears in some of the videos), he wasn’t.

Per E!:

Sources told E! that he was aware of all the songs and supported his wife’s decision to express her hurting and healing through her music.

“He understands the reasoning,” one source told E! News. “This is part of the process of being transparent. And they have healed. He has been very humble about the experience. Beyoncé is the love of his life and he will do what it takes.”

Doing what it takes apparently included helping Beyoncé release the music. Jay was reportedly involved in making the album itself, though he might not be credited as a contributor. “He knew the lyrics; he knew the implications. He had to approve the songs before release,” someone close to the couple told E! News.

And Bey expected that nit-picky listeners would catch on to the intention behind her lyrics. “She knew that people were going to dissect each word,” another source said. And beyond her own personal struggle, Beyoncé hoped her songs would “connect with women’s emotions” too.

Ultimately, the potential album profits played a big role too, especially considering Lemonade’s exclusive residence on Tidal, which the couple owns. “Jay is a very smart businessman…Bottom line is that they are both really smart and they both saw dollar signs,” the second source added.

But when it comes to the music, though they act as separate artists, they’re “very in it together and supportive of each other’s craft,” another insider said. And when the album dropped, the rapper was said to be by his wife’s side rather than out in hiding.