Boyfriend wants to change plea

*After 10 months of being behind bars following a guilty plea of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend because he couldn’t accept the fact that she wanted to break up with him, one man has had a change of heart, so to speak, and is now asking to recant that plea.

Video was recently released showing Donald Bricker describing to detectives how he fatally shot his ex-girlfriend, Miriam “Shade” Adebayo, in a Target parking lot last year in Germantown, Md. At the time of his admission, Bricker was hospitalized. He had attempted to flee the crime scene, crashed his truck in the process and was taken to the hospital — where the video was made.

Bricker had sent thousands of text messages to Shade — a beautiful, accomplished woman, as she tried to pull away. Now, in an lengthy, rambling request from his Montgomery County jailcell, the Maryland man wants to renege on that plea claiming his lawyer did not fully explain the consequences of a guilty plea.

He also claims that he was high on prescription drugs when he admitted to the murder, and now, 10 months later, has had trouble thinking clearly.

OK. But she is still dead…Are you trying to say you DIDN’T kill her or just admit you didn’t realize the consequences of admitting to it?

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