Margues Gaines

*There are several names alotted to the behavior of people…groups of people…who see something bad happening to someone else; someone who is helpless, and they just turn their heads away and decide to do nothing.

This was the fate of a Chicago man named Marques Gaines, 32, who was three times a victim: the first time when some thug happened upon him as he left a 7-Eleven store shortly after 4 a.m., and knocked him out cold and left him lying in the street. Secondly, when people came to and fro to look, then kept walking without the slightest decency to do anything; and finally, when a taxi swirled around the corner and ran over him.

Those in the field of psychology and social science attempt to classify this inhumane tendancy that people can choose to exhibit using terms like “Civil Inattention,” “The Bystander Effect” or “Bystander Apathy.”

But I just call it eff’d up.

Folks, we’ve got to do better. Much better.

Reports are laying blame on the people of Chicago, because this particular incident occurred there. And yes, anyone in that vicinity at the time this crime occurred; anyone who witnessed this helpless man in the street and decided this was the time to mind their own business should feel like sh*t now and for the rest of their days.

You saw this unfortunate circumstance and did absolutely NOTHING about it. And you could have.

But the fault doesn’t lie solely with the people of Chicago. We all have blood on our hands. We have become a society insensitive to the horrific. We now see it as entertainment; something to gawk at, gossip about and move on to the next ghastly thing.

This poor, unfortunate soul COULD HAVE BEEN ANY OF US. And that is the thought that should go through our head when we see shit like this happening!

Marques was described as a friendly cocktail server who worked at Marriott Magnificent Mile. After his shift on February 7, 2016, he met up with some friends at Mother Hubbard’s, then stopped in at 7-Eleven at the corner of Hubbard and State to grab a bag of chips.


Some thugish piece of manure, who happened to be having words with the store’s security guard, saw Gaines and immediately penned him as the new target.  He cold-cocked the unsuspecting man who tried his best to get away; using the only thing he had at his disposal as a weapon — the bag of chips, which he threw …to no avail.

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