master-p*Master P is making it known that there’s a parallel between how posthumous Prince fans treated Michael Jackson versus the way they treated the Purple One, according to TMZ.

To see Master P give his take on the hypocrisy, check out the video below:

In the meanwhile, YG’s opinion on Donald Trump is catching the attention of the secret service.

YGChatting with a TMZ photog, the rapper revealed that the Secret Service is checking lyrics to his songs before they’re released to the public. When asked if Trump has contacted him about his Nipsey Hussle-assisted protest song, “F**k Donald Trump,” YG stated that Trump hasn’t reached out.

Hmm, wonder why?

Featuring a graphic with large red “X” over Trump’s face, the DJ Swish-produced “FDT (F— Donald Trump)” finds YG and Hussle airing what they think of Trump while labeling him a “a Comedy Central ass n—a” and “cancer,” along with telling the real estate mogul know that “we gon’ f— it up” she he “have a rally out in L.A.”

Check out the video below to see what YG has to say about the Secret Service being on him:

Here’s the “F**k Donald Trump” video: