michael jai & gillian white

Michael Jai White and Gillian White

*On Wednesday, April 27, on “The Real,” Hollywood newlyweds Michael Jai White and Gillian White (who both star in the upcoming Never Back Down: Never Surrender) reveal details of their most romantic – and exotic – date.  Married a little less than year, Gillian also shares what she’s crossed off her bucket list and shows off her latest finger adornments. Plus, a fashion show featuring fashion rules that are meant to be broken.

Newlyweds Michael Jai White and Gillian White Drop Romantic Date Details

Jeannie Mai: Let’s see that ring girl.

Gillian White: Oh yes! [Gillian shows her ring.]

[The Real co-hosts gasp.]

[The Real audience cheers and claps.]

Tamar Braxton: You did good.

Gillian: He did a good job! He did good!

Jeannie: High five on that. [Jeannie and Michael Jai White high five.]

Michael Jai White: Thank you.

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Jeannie: Okay, so what’s the most romantic thing that Michael has ever done for you?

Gillian: Okay, let’s see. Well a couple years ago, he was shooting a film in Thailand again and I always had on my bucket list, I wanted to ride elephants in the jungle not just you know, just at a zoo or something. So I flew out there and he surprised me by…

Michael: Yo…

Gillian: Imma let him finish ‘cause he tells it better.

Michael: Well, yeah I wanted to keep it a surprise, right. So we flew up to northern Thailand, she didn’t know what was going on. There was a truck that picked us up from this place called Anantara which is like a elephant reserve, right. So I wanted to keep it secret and the driver is asking us “Is this your first time?” And I’m like “Nope, don’t say anything.” And so you know, we’re riding up there, it takes about an hour and they had these complimentary cookies in a tin thing and I open the thing up and there’s a bunch of elephant cookies.

The Real co-hosts: Oh my God!

Michael: So I’m like “we can’t have that.” So um I’m distracting her while I’m biting off the elephant head right?

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Adrienne Bailon: Oh my gosh.

Michael: I’m breaking the elephant heads and eating the elephant heads. And by the time she asks for a cookie, she doesn’t know what they are anymore.

Gillian: I’m like, “It’s so weird. Who bit the heads off these cookies?”

Michael: She was like, “What are these?” You know I’m saying, “They’re some kind of animal, I don’t know.” But we get there to the jungle part it feels like Jurassic Park. You go open up and all of a sudden some like legs went by the car and she’s like, “What was that?” And I’m like, “I don’t know.” But you know, it was something else. When we got there then it was revealed what it was.

michael jai & gillian white on elephants

Gillian: It was beautiful.

The Real audience: Aw.

[The Real audience claps.]

Adrienne: So amazing!

Tamar: You’re so romantic and so sweet. Now the last time you was here, you showed us um your tatt of your beautiful wife, right?

Michael: Right. Right.

Tamar: So I have a question, G, what do you think about it and uh do you have one as well?

Gillian: Well it was.. it definitely caught me off guard. It was… I was so surprised. It was so sweet because he doesn’t have any tattoos, anywhere. So that really showed how much I meant to him that he would actually do that for me, so I went out when he didn’t know and surprised him with one of my own. So I got my MJW on my finger.

[The Real audience claps.]

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