Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson at a news conference Friday, April 22, regarding the death of Prince

Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson at a news conference Friday, April 22, regarding the death of Prince

“This is a tragedy for all of us,” Carver County Sheriff Jim Olsen said at a press conference Friday to update media on the death of music legend Prince. “To you, Prince Rogers Nelson was a celebrity. To us, he was a community member and a good neighbor. To his family, he is a loved one.”

Olson revealed that staff members had tried to get in contact with Prince Thursday morning. When they couldn’t reach him, they went to check on him at his Paisley Park compound. His employees found the musician fully clothed and unresponsive in an elevator.

He is believed to have been the only person on the property at the time of his death. “Prince was a very private person,” Olson explained of the lack of security, “and I don’t think this was unusual.”

“CPR was initially started but was unsuccessful,” Olson continued. “He was declared dead at 10:07 a.m.. . . . We have no reason to believe at this point that this was a suicide. But this is early in the investigation.”

Olson said that there were “no obvious signs of trauma” and that the musician was last seen at about 8 p.m. on Wednesday night, when someone dropped him off at his property. He continued, “Because this was an unwitnessed death of a middle-aged adult, the decision was made to process the scene. This was normal protocol.”

“We finished with our processing yesterday afternoon, and turned Paisley Park over to his representatives,” Olson said, revealing that the investigation was ongoing and would be left open “until the autopsy results get back.”

As part of the investigation, Olson confirmed that authorities were seeking to obtain his medical records. Olson refused to say whether or not items were taken from his property, but confirmed that no other 911 calls were made from the compound in the past year. When a reporter in attendance asked about rumors that Prince suffered a drug overdose last week, Olson said first responders do carry the opiate antidote Narcan, but it wasn’t used at Paisley Park on Thursday.

As previously reported, a four-hour autopsy on Prince was completed Friday morning, but the results won’t be released until the toxicology tests are completed in about several weeks.

Watch the Q&A portion of the presser below: