prince & tyka

*If a new TMZ report is to be believed, major drama has started with Prince‘s brothers and sisters over the fortune he left behind because he didn’t leave a will.

Supposedly the Purple One’s sister, Tyka Nelson, went off on the other siblings in their first meeting to discuss the money issue and stormed out of the room. We think you can see where this is headed.

Sources with first-hand knowledge tell TMZ, the meeting was held Thursday in Minnesota. Tyka, Prince’s younger sister, was present, along with brothers Alfred and Omarr.

We’re told the meeting was tense, and 2 hours in Alfred expressed his displeasure that he was the only sibling excluded from Prince’s memorial service, which Tyka planned. We’re told an argument erupted and she stormed out of the room.

We’re also told the brothers have a clear impression from the meeting … Tyka thinks she’s entitled to more than them when it comes time to divide Prince’s assets. As we reported, under Minnesota law all 6 siblings — irrespective of whether they’re half or full — share equally, but apparently Tyka doesn’t see it that way.

TMZ’s sources say after Tyka left, a rep from the bank that was appointed as the administrator took Alfred on a tour of Prince’s home and the area where he died “so he could properly grieve.”