imagesP9UIV77E*Rarely does a fight that Gennady Golovkin “GGG” gets involved in goes without somebody getting knocked down, and it was no exception in this case, as this one against a game opponent like Dominic Wade didn’t go past the second round.

In the opening bell they started off feeling each other out, but very soon Golovkin began to land big solid shots to the head and body. Wade returned the favor by landing some combinations and jabs of his own to Golovkin, but at the end of the round he got dropped by a wicked hook and was fortunately saved by the bell.

Going into the second Golovkin went for the kill and knocked Wade down with some powerful overhand rights not once but twice causing Wade’s corner to throw in the towel thus ending the bout by knockout with 30 seconds left in the round.

Golovkin improved his record to 35-0 with 32 coming by way of knockout in front of a near capacity crowd of 16,350 at the Foum in Inglewood, CA (on Saturday 04-22-16).

The question now is what’s next for “GGG?” Well there’s Saul “Canelo” Alvarez who has to get past Amir Khan in a bout that’s set to take place next month on May 7 in Las Vegas at the new T-Mobile Arena that holds 20,000.

Folks I got to tell you something. That’s the only fight that’s going to be worth watching between “GGG” and “Canelo” because nothing else matters at this point. And if the powers that be can pull it off, I can assure you that it’ll be a super fight. As I always say, we’ll see what happens.

Wade was quoted as saying afterwards, “I tried to get comfortable in the beginning but just couldn’t get in sync. His power is real and he is a great champion”.
After what happened at the Forum Saturday night, I’m not sure that Oscar De La Hoya and the folks at Golden Boy will be anxious to put “Canelo” in the ring right a way with Golovkin. The may stall a little bit until they can come up with the right numbers and make it worth it.

Golovkin is a dangerous fighting machine and could be a formidable challenge for anyone out there including Daniel Jacobs the other middleweight champion who hails out of New York.

Whatever the case may be, either one of those fights would be big pay per view shows and everyone would get there monies worth.
We’ll see what happens.

Coming up this weekend out at the Stub Hub in Carson, Calif., is Andre Berto vs Victor Ortiz II. Folks, the last time these two got together they were going toe to toe and knocking each other down throughout and it was Ortiz who came out on top.
This time should be a dandy as Berto is coming in the ring with revenge on his mind.

This one will be telecast live on the Fox network beginning at 8 pm ET,and 5pm PT

“When the tide goes out, that’s when you’ll find out who’s been swimming naked”- Warren Buffett

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