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*The Kardashian family may be silent on the recent engagement of Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna, but Rob has a positive report regarding his family’s reaction.

Chatting with an X17Online reporter, Kardasian was leaving a gas station in Calabasas, CA with Chyna when he responded to a query about how his family feels about his plans to marry.

“My family is very happy,” Kardashian said Tuesday (April 12).

For Chyna, her encounter with the media came as she was leaving a meeting in Century City. During that time, a reporter asked Chyna if she will “become the world’s biggest reality star” and if Kim Kardashian gave her advice on “how to be a big reality star, the best one in the world.”

Blac brushed off the question with a simple, “Aww, that’s silly,” Chyna responded.

Rob’s response comes after initial reports claiming the Kardashians were less than thrilled about his upcoming nuptials to Chyna. The reason for the unhappiness comes from the fact that Chyna’s ex-fiancée, Tyga, is currently dating Rob’s little sister Kylie Jenner.

Taking to Twitter last week, Tyga mentioned that while he is happy for Chyna, his main concern is his “innocent” 3-year-old son.

Katt WilliamsAs Rob relays his family’s reaction to his engagement, Katt Williams get embroiled in more drama.

One that involves an alleged incident that a 911 caller says involved threats to shoot a trucker as well as the caller labeling Williams the “little short black guy” while also calling him a “gang banger.”

According to TMZ, the alleged incident happened late Monday night at a Flying J truck stop in Georgia. A store clerk mentioned that Williams and a trucker got into a heated argument. From there, it was on as Williams and three women brought out “canes.”

Upon seeing the incident, the retired Dallas cop who called 911, claimed that Williams threatened to shoot the trucker.

“These people are a real pain in the ass and something needs to be done about ’em,” the caller said.

Upon police arriving on the scene, the trucker was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Williams claimed the trucker was harassing him for being a celebrity. With no cops around to witness anything, and no evidence of a crime, the situation ended without anyone getting arrested.

To hear the retired cop’s phone call to 911, check out the audio below: