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Rosario Dawson on Supporting Bernie Sanders

* Actress and activist Rosario Dawson, who is introducing Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders at rallies across the country, sat down for an interview  with Cenk Uygur, host of the progressive online news and politics show The Young Turks, at YouTube Space NY.

Rosario Dawson ‘s  Interview

In the interview, Dawson, along with activist Linda Sarsour and analyst/strategist Nomiki Konst, discussed why she’s supporting Bernie Sanders  and other issues related to the campaign.

On why she supports Sanders, Dawson said:

  • What he’s saying on issues like the environment, LGBTQI issues, feminism, foreign policy, we need to make sure people hear him.
    • Our values should be our collective humanity. I’m a humanitarian and this is why I’m supporting Bernie.

Regarding Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy, Dawson added:

  • How can you vote for someone who voted for the Iraq War because she said it was a good business opportunity?
  • I don’t get that [she says she’s] good with women and good with children when clearly [she] hasn’t interviewed any Honduran children, or Syrian children or Iraqi children. Why don’t they count?
  • When you’re destroying people’s lives for generations, the way to respond to that is not the cartoon ‘my gun’s going to get bigger and bigger.’ The only two things that are going to happen is either we’re going to drop an atomic bomb and we’re done or at some point we’re going to finally switch directions and say that is not the way to keep moving forward. We have to start working together and recognizing the humanity of everyone on this side of the button and that side of the bomb.

Regarding Sanders’ proposal to raise taxes on Dawson, she said:

  • Please tax me more if it’s going to mean that my neighbor gets taken care of. We’re in a time right now when we say ‘I’ll pick myself up by my bootstraps’ when those bootstraps came from China. Let’s have a reality now that we’re all in this together.

Below are links to clips of the interview and the full interview. Let me know if you’re able to use it or would like to speak with Cenk.

Rosario Dawson on why she’s supporting Bernie Sanders:

Dawson on Clinton’s Foreign Policy:

Full panel with Dawson, Sarsour and Konst




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