shannon-brown-monica*Miami Heat star Shannon Brown is allegedly cheating on his wife, singer Monica. According to the woman he’s creeping with, Shannon flew her out for a two-day weekend of ‘x-rated’ fun — and she provided DM receipts showing a conversation between them.

B.Scott reports that Shannon’s extramarital activity was also brought to light last year, when one of his alleged jump-offs reached out to the entertainment website with her own story of hooking up with him. Since she wasn’t willing to offer any proof, because she didn’t want to be “messy,” the site opted “not to run a potentially false story and run the risk of ruining someone’s marriage and family for no reason.”

According Industry on Blast via The Shade Room, Brown’s latest conquest is a model who leaked messages she had with the Miami Heat shooting guard, claiming they had sex at a hotel, and that the NBA star revealed he is unhappy in his marriage.

“Ok well Shannon Brown, Monica’s husband, flew me out to go meet him for 2 day full of adult xrated fun,” she wrote, before posting their DM thread.

The screenshots start off with Shannon asking, “When are you free? Can I see the pics because your page [is] private.” After, she responds with, “Follow me then u can unfollow,” he adds, “You already know how hot my page is. 24/7 [surveillance] lol.”

After posting more sexual excerpts from their DMs, she wrote, “He’s not happy in the marriage obviously but that’s all I’m going to say. And I want to remain anonymous please. I don’t want all these folks hitting me up.”

Monica and Shannon got married in 2010 and have one daughter together. Neither of them have addressed the claims, as they are probably still fighting it out behind the scenes.

While you wait for the inevitable divorce announcement, former stripper Amber Rose wants you to know her exhausting search for a sponsor is over. She’s now hooking up with NBA player Terrence Ross.

Amber RoseThe 32-year-old mother-of-one is currently dating little known NBA player Terrence Ross. I say “currently” because their status could change by next week.

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Sandra Rose notes their body language in the photo above, saying “Look where Terrence’s hand is — around her neck. That means he’s already having second thoughts. It’s just a matter of time before he chokes her out and dumps her for cheating on him.”

Yeah, we doubt they make it to summer. Ross recognizes that Rose makes a great depository for his manhood. Just as Wiz Khalifa and Kanye discovered.

Rose reportedly met the 25-year-old Toronto Raptors guard in February during All-Star weekend in Toronto, Canada.