Stacey Dash*Ben Carson wants Harriet Tubman on the $2 bill, instead of on $20, and Stacey Dash wants to take the black out of Prince’s legacy.


Oh, and Lawd, please come take your “New Black” children, as their delusions are impeding this slow progress toward healing blackness.

While the world continues to mourn the loss of one of our most iconic musicians – with every celebrity from Justin Timberlake to Shonda Rhimes releasing a message honoring Prince – Stacey Dash pissed of fans by implying that his blackness was second to his extraordinary talent.

“You didn’t look at him as a Black artist or an artist of any color; he was just Prince. His music just resonated with everyone, internationally,” she said, according to BET.

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Many think Dash was implying that an artist can’t be black and  universally loved. Folks took to Twitter to express that discontent over Dash’s statement.

Check out some of the Twitter responses below. The fist comment comes from a Facebook post that we happen to agree with. It may or may not have been in response to Dash’s comments.

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