tyler-james-williams*Going back in time to fix past mistakes may appeal to some, but don’t expect Tyler James Williams to book a trip to Any Time USA anytime soon.

The “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” star is keeping his time travel in the present with his latest project, “RePlay.” The 12-episode weekly New Form Digital series, which also stars Lyndsy Fonseca (“Agent Carter, “Nikita”) and Cyrina Fiallo (“Community,” “Glee,” “Supernatural”), centers around Allison Lee (Fonseca) an aspiring DJ, who invites notorious Las Vegas club promoters SvenAndSophie to her 25th birthday bash.

But when the duo show up to Allison’s party to hear her set, Allison scrambles to make it the most epic of parties, only to have it all fall apart disastrously. Over her melting ice cream cake, Allison wishes for a do over and she gets one. More than one, she discovers, as she continues to wake up and relive her birthday over and over again. Allison discovers that she’s got 25 tries to get her 25th birthday exactly right. Ultimately Allison must face the hard reality that sometimes you can’t have it all while choosing between her overly ambitious career goals, or her friends, which include Williams’ character Nate.

“I’m one of those people who likes to believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything will eventually work itself out,” Williams told EURweb regarding his stance on visiting a previous period in his life. “I’m afraid of that butterfly effect, like ‘Ok, if I change this, then what else will that change?’ or maybe it wasn’t supposed to go right.”

Despite time traveling being off the table in real life, Williams admits the “Groundhog Day” feel of “RePlay” was something that motivated his involvement in the time loop series.

“I liked the idea of the kind of ‘Groundhog Day’ feel. Mostly, it was a great kind of place to put some really interesting characters and see what happens in a comedy,” Williams said while referencing the 1993 Bill Murray movie about an arrogant TV weatherman who repeatedly goes through the same day. “I think you have the traditional sense of it, it was always just one character, but once you have multiple people realizing the day is repeating, they’re all gonna handle it differently.

“So that’s what was really fun to me, especially with this character, just seeing how does he handle that and how can he slowly start to spin out of control,” he added.

With the multiple characters experiencing Allison’s déjà vu, Williams alluded to an interesting scenario for those about to take the “RePlay” experience.

“For me, it’s what happens if, not just if you could go back and repeat the day, but what happens when people realize that there are no consequences to their actions. Who are they really?”

“RePlay” premieres Wednesday (04-20-16) on the go90 entertainment app. To see a trailer for the show, check out the video below: