Travis Kalanick, Co-founder and CEO of Uber

*Being an entrepreneur can be both exciting and frightening. The freedom to be on your own clock, so to speak, and have the impetus to actually do something with all of those crazy ideas that come into your head can be truly exhilarating. But the frightening part is the risk-taking involved; the expense — especially if it is exercised with reckless abandon — and not having a mentor to shadow and learn from.

I can recall a mentor from one of my entrepreneurial pursuits, one that I am stil proudly involved with today, told me (well, reminded me because it is something I already knew, but only took to heart when he said it), that, “You can’t learn how to make money from a broke person.”

I used the “broke person” example here, but you can apply this to anything in life. Can you trust good marriage advice to come from someone who has been divorced several times? Can an unhealthy person give you health tips? And just use your head here, someone struggling with mental illness can’t…well, you get my drift.

But does this stop people from flapping their lips to tell you what YOU should be doing — and how you should be doing it?

Hell no. That’s just the way it is. And though it often keeps life interesting, you don’t have to be down with it.

Daniel handles Operations for Uber in Melbourne

Daniel handles Operations for Uber in Melbourne

So when I came across an article that had a successful entrepreneur who had co-founded a business so well known around the world that it has become a verb (“I’m doing Uber today.” “I’m taking an Uber.” “Let’s Uber there!”) giving lessons on life and leadership, my ears perked up.

I’m going to be honest, I am a be about the change kind of thinker. My life philosophy has always been about creating value; and as my personal mentor puts it, do this from “right where you are.” Not when its most convenient, not when I get rich, not when I get married, not when I live there.

But from exactly where I, you, are sitting or standing or being…right now.

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