McKenna Rose

McKenna Rose

*Omg. Every parents’ greatest nightmare turned real for Adrienne Kromer and Bryan Felmly recently. After three-and-a-half months of maternity leave Kromer finally returned to work, but as any new mother would be, she was really, really nervous about leaving her precious bundle of joy at daycare, and called often to make sure everything was OK.

Unfortunately, and to her horror, the last call showed everything was NOT.

According to what the infant’s dad, Bryan Felmly, wrote on GoFundMe, little McKenna Felmly didn’t show any signs of illness or distress when she was dropped off at the Lehigh Township, Pa., center in the morning.

But according to an article on USA Today, the child’s mother got really nervous when the daycare center told her McKenna was having trouble taking a bottle, and later said she’d fallen asleep quickly (which was rare for the infant).

So Kromer decided to leave work early and pick her daughter up.

But a few minutes after she left the office, the daycare center called her. Her baby wasn’t breathing. And by the time the mother arrived, McKenna had been taken to the hospital.

At this point — most likely frantic and traveling at break-neck-speed still turned out to be too late. As soon after the infants parents arrived at the hospital, doctors told them they couldn’t save their little girl.

Per the Allentown Morning Call, daycare workers found McKenna unresponsive in her crib and attempts to revive her began at the daycare, but she was pronounced dead upon her arrival at the hospital.

Though no signs of trauma was apparent at an autopsy and police say the infant’s death does not appear suspicious at this time, an official cause of death won’t be determined until toxicology and viral tests are completed and other aspects of the case, including the crib, are investigated.

“We are continuing to conduct interviews with family, friends, and employees of the daycare,” the police chief told LeHigh Valley Live Wednesday. “We still have some work to finish yet. I can’t say when we will determine manner of death.”

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