Wolf Blitzer and Prince

*Oh CNN.

Anchors Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon were part of their network’s non-stop coverage of Prince’s death today, only to make headlines themselves.

Blitzer was roasted on Twitter when he said early in the coverage: “All of us, of course, remember ‘Purple Haze’ and what that did for the world of music.”

Twitter predictably skewered him for the mixup with Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” 

Later, Blitzer got a chance to clean it up. “‘Purple Rain,’ though, of course, stands out in everyone’s mind,” he said while listening to colleague Lemon reminisce about Prince on the phone.

Later, Lemon, himself, had a moment when he was asked about his favorite Prince song.

“Well, the first one I knew was ‘Head’”, he answered.

Are we allowed to say “head” in that particular context on daytime TV?

Watch below:

CNN’s Don Lemon Reveals ‘Head’ as his Favorite Prince Song from EURweb on Vimeo.