LaCora Stephens, Creator and Host of The YES! Show

LaCora Stephens, creator and host of The YES! Show

*LaCora Stephens may be the New Face of Talk! Because contrary to popular belief, this young, entertaining and saved woman aims to show audiences that ‘provocative’ can also be part of that equation as the host of her own television show called YES! Young, Entertaining & Saved.

Stephens is not only the face of the show, she is also the brains behind the concept of cool, Christian TV. And what may be a popular though unrealistic belief, it’s no easy task hosting a TV talk show.

Unless that’s all you’re doing. But in the case of LaCora Stephens, a self-proclaimed “struggling” actress, she does this and more. And if you were part of the small invitation-only group that recently attended her launch in Pasadena, California on Thursday, you got to see her in action in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Stephens and her small yet capable crew put all the finishing touches on the show and I got to witness it all. The YES! show is recorded Live in front of a studio audience at the Pasadena Media studios and on this day of the shows’ new launch, crew was abuzz hanging sheer curtains in the green room, making sure all wires were hooked up accordingly, and making fervent attempts to catch up with Stephens so they could apply her makeup – I’d overhear her plead, “Just five more minutes,” with the stage manager, so that she could check on “just one more thing.”

In the meantime, outside the studio the lobby is accentuated with everything YES! Video cameras and still photographers move about to capture arriving guests; and caterers float through the forming crowd carrying scrumptious plates of soul food, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages.

Once the audience is seated, Stephens makes her entrance onstage to a round of applause. The host is comfortable on her new set, with an entertaining and friendly personality that easily engages with her audience – after all, Stephens has been doing her YES! show for some time now YouTube shows more than a thousand subscribers worldwide with a viewership that includes the UK, Africa and all over the USA.

YES Show cast and crew
The YES! show team (L to R) includes Candice Lenoir, host LaCora Stephens, ‘He Say, She Say’ segment co-host, Robert C. Mitchell, Ajoke’ Adebesin, Bonita Bennett and Lauren Kimble Photo credit: Timothy Alexander White

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