Vet with Tomcat she killed

*Call me overly sensitive, but in answer to the headline question, I’d have to give a rousing Hell no!” The above photo was posted by veterinarian Kristen Lindsey (who is seen holding the allegedly feral tomcat she shot in the head with an arrow) in April 2015. To further my solidify position, although vets face the death of animals all the time, evening having to euthanize them when requested or necessary, Lindsey’s actions have nothing to do with that. This photo reminds me of the dentist who killed the lion. Boldly and proudly.

So when she was in court on the second day of a hearing which would determine if she would lose her veterinary license or not, she had the nerve to tear up.

But don’t get it twisted. She wasn’t crying because she felt bad about what she had done; nor the fact that she could very well lose the right to be a pet doctor.

Nah, it was another something that touched Lindsey in the place that houses the heart in the rest of us.

Lindsey got all emotional because a former co-worker was testifying to how much customers at a Brenham clinic still loved her.

Aww…she was touched.

According to KAGS-TV, Lindsey works at the Washington Animal Clinic and and at the hearing with the Texas Board of Veterinanry Medical Examiners on Tuesday, a woman named Karen Chapman — who worked with her at the clinic revealed Lindsey had spoken to a doctor at the clinic about a feral cat she was having trouble with. Chapman says the doctor advised Lindsey to “Take care of it.”

I highly doubt that meant: Shoot it in the head with an arrow.

Nevertheless, that’s what the woman did.

Chapman also added that people in the area often shoot feral cats because they are hard to trap and immunize.

It was Chapman’s comments, that eventually included how “loved” the vet in the hot seat was, by her “customers,” that had tears welling up in the woman’s eyes.

I’ll bet they’d feel differently if she shot THEIR animals in the head with an arrow.

And not all vets are feeling the love for Lindsey. Not to mention their disagreement with how these cats are treated.

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