excuse note written by child

*Anyone calling themselves an educator, especially at the elementary school level, will shudder at hearing the news that a seven-year-old girl’s ‘excuse’ note, bad penmanship and all, telling school officials she had to go home early today, went unchallenged. In layman’s terms, she was let out of school and sent home. Alone.

Obviously, this has caused all kinds of crazy within both the school and the child’s family, whose dad spoke on camera about his disappointment.

As you can see pictured above, the child’s note read: “I want Rosabella to go too dus (sic) 131 today!”

Yes, the word bus was actually spelled with a “D”. And apparently, no one even as much as blinked.

And maybe I missed it, but is there an actual parental “signature?”

Noticeably, the note was addressed to a particular staff person, and was reportedly hand-delivered by the child. According to The Denver Channel.com, Rosabella was expected to attend an Afterschool Program, but chose, instead, to go home early to taste some of her grandma’s cooking.

The child ended up sitting on the steps of her residence because no one was home. She sat there until a neighbor saw her and called her dad, Charlie Dahu, who said Houston-based Sheldon Elementary promised him that “disciplinary action” will be taken against the caretakers from the after school program who excused the girl from school on the basis of her ‘parental’ note.

“Obviously they didn’t have proper procedures in place,” Dahu told ABC News on camera. “This is clearly the school’s fault. How a seven-year-old can trick you, it boggles my mind.”

Ours too, sir.