*The amount of people claiming to be heirs of Prince has gotten so out of control that the judge in his probate case has issued a special protocol to handle them all – including an order that claimants pay for their own DNA testing.

In court documents filed in Minnesota, Bremer Trust, the special administrator of the estate, had asked the judge to establish guidelines for those “claiming to be heirs of the decedent.”

According to Radar Online, Carver Country, Minnesota Judge Kevin W. Eide granted the request and ordered that a court-appointed special administrator would be responsible for ensuring all alleged heirs follow the new rules.

Per Radar Online:

The new order states that: “Any party claiming a genetic relationship to the decedent that may give rise to heirship must file an affidavit with the Court setting forth the facts that establish the reasonable possibility of the existence of such a relationship.”

Once the possible heir files the necessary paperwork and his or her story checks out, the Special Administrator will come up with a plan that may include mandatory DNA testing. However, those seeking the “blood or genetic tests” might have to pay for it themselves.

“The Special Administrator is authorized to engage DNA Diagnostics Center to perform the blood and genetic testing required to determine if a genetic relationship to the decedent exists,” the order reads. A vial of Prince’s blood is being kept at the Medical Examiner’s office for that purpose.

Any objections or motions to the new protocol will be presented at a hearing set to take place on June 27, 2016.

Prince died April 21 at age 57, days after reportedly being treated for an overdose of the opioid painkiller Percocet. As previously reported, Bremer secured a sample of the singer’s blood from the Midwest Medical Examiner for genetic testing.

According to court documents filed by his sister Tyka Nelson, Prince died without a will. However, writer Ian Halperin, who is working on a documentary about the final hours of Prince’s life, told TheWrap that he’s spoken to people who insist the musician left a will, and that it may be in Canada.