*This weekend, Ashanti makes her debut as a producer with ‘Mothers And Daughters.’ In the film, she’s also acting alongside superstars Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, and Courteney Cox. The independent drama tells the story of what it is to be a mom.

EUR: This is your firsts time producing a film, how does it feel?

Ashanti: It is an amazing feeling! To be a young female and able to have the opportunity to work with such amazing actresses is an awesome experience! Plus, it’s a beautiful cause…for Mother’s Day and just female empowerment!

Ashanti at 'Mothers & Daughters' premiere

Ashanti at ‘Mothers & Daughters’ premiere

EUR: What is you fondest daughter-mother memory?

Ashanti: I was 17, I moved to Atlanta the day after I graduated from high school and my mom didn’t think I would be able to fly home for Mother’s Day. I called her and said, ‘mom, I’m so sorry, I’m not going to be able to make it. I love you and I hope you have an amazing day!’ But I was on the phone in her front yard and she had no idea. Then she opened the door and I was right there and she started balling crying.

Sharon Stone: Watching the kids ski at Christmas and playing Cards Against Humanity with my mother…she always wins.

Selma Blair: When I was little my mom didn’t have a lot of time, she was a magistrate and worked every day. But she would come home and take me on walks to the forest and pretend it was enchanted. It was lovely.

Sharon Stone at 'Mothers & Daughters' premiere

Sharon Stone at ‘Mothers & Daughters’ premiere

Selma Blair at 'Mothers & Daughters' premiere

Selma Blair at ‘Mothers & Daughters’ premiere

Quinton Aaron: Every moment. I wear her with me (on my necklace) now, because she’s literally my best friend. Even though she’s not here, she’s still with me. I cherish every moment I had with my mother.

Quinton Aaron and date at 'Mothers & Daughters' premiere

Quinton Aaron and date at ‘Mothers & Daughters’ premiere

EUR: Do you do something special for Mother’s Day?

Quinton Aaron: Me and my brother go out to dinner. Depending the year, Mother’s Day was also our mom’s birthday, May 10th.

'Mothers & Daughters'

‘Mothers & Daughters’

EUR: What can you tell us about ‘Mothers and Daughter?’

Sharon Stone: It’s very interesting to explore this subject…Like what it’s like to have your grown up child say, ‘they’re meeting their adoptive parents,’ it’s very interesting and beautiful. Mira Sorvino was wonderful in that part, I’m really proud to have shared that with her.

Ashanti: There are so many different unique relationships between mothers and daughters, there are a lot of traumatic issues that should be given a platform for people to recognize. I think people will walk away and say, ‘oh my gosh, that really happens and I’m glad they spoke about it.’

Ashanti at 'Mothers & Daughters' premiere

Ashanti at ‘Mothers & Daughters’ premiere