William Mauzy, attorney for Andrew Kornfeld, at a press conference in Minnesota (May 4, 2016)

William Mauzy, attorney for Andrew Kornfeld, at a press conference (May 4, 2016)

*A lawyer for the addiction specialist who flew in from California to treat Prince held a press conference on Wednesday to stress that his 911 call to report Prince’s death, by law, will keep him from being prosecuted for the pills found in his backpack.

As previously reported, representatives for Prince called prominent addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld the day before the singer died, insisting that he come to Paisley Park immediately to address a grave health condition. The doctor was swamped, but arranged to fly out on Friday, the day after Prince died. He instead sent his son, Andrew Kornfeld, who worked at their facility Recovery Without Walls. It was Andrew – fresh from a redeye flight – who was let into the home by Prince’s staffers when they were unable to find him. Andrew discovered Prince’s body in the elevator and called 911.

Andrew’s lawyer, William Mauzy, told reporters Wednesday that Andrew did not supply Prince with any drugs, although he did have the synthetic opiate buprenorphine in his backpack, used for pain management and to wean people off actual opiates.

Mauzy kept making a point to say that his client’s 911 call would not subject him to prosecution under Minnesota’s Good Samaritan law, suggesting prosecutors may be considering some sort of charge against Andrew.

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