*Attorney Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell of BreakingBrown.com discuss the New Yorker article about a new ball that teaches kids how to to code and program, and the implications it has on black access to wealth. Follow the discussion on twitter @tonetalks.

Excerpt from New Yorker “A Whole New Ball Game”:

“You can be anything from a novice coder to a high-school computer student and still get something out of programming it. The orb’s app has a dual interface. The students in Mills’s class used simple drag-and-drop balloon commands to make their Spheros move, but by swiping on a button they could also see some of the raw computer syntax that lay behind the commands—in Oval, a subset of the canonical programming language C. The balloon command “Set heading 178 degrees” reveals itself to be “controlSystemTargetYaw = 178” in Oval.”