Beauty Conference

Beauty Conference Helps Black Women Entrepreneurs

*Beauty Conference ~ Despite black women being the fastest growing entrepreneurial group in America, they continue to find difficulty becoming Beauty Supply store owners.

The sizeable problem in this $15 billion-dollar industry is one that Beauty Supply Institute identified and decided to address. The institute, founded by a Black Beauty Supply Store owner and economics professor, who was threatened with a golf club by a Korean owner for shopping too slowly, will hold its 6th annual conference in August.

Beauty Conference

The 2-day conference at the Sheraton Atlanta Airport will consist of 1 day of classes that will address the obstacles in the industry and how the attendees can get around them and Day 2 will consist of a tour of trusted distributors’ facilities.

Since 2006, Beauty Supply Institute has opened over 80 stores in America, Canada and the Caribbean owned mostly by black women. The conference has attracted attendees from as far as the Netherlands, Switzerland and Africa.

All attendees will leave with an instructional book on how to open a beauty supply store and a Beauty Supply Store Start-Up Action Plan outlining a specific checklist on where to go to get the help they need.

Registration is currently $449 and increases monthly. Conference is free for Capstone Elite members who have never attended.

“Our Training has been proven to transition aspiring to accomplished, struggling to success and from idea to grand opening.”

The summer conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on August 6th and 7th, 2016.

About Beauty Supply Institute

Beauty Supply Institute was founded in 2007 as Taking it Back University. To address the confusion of what type of organization we were, in 2010, we rebranded as Beauty Supply Institute.

We hold U.S. Copyrights for books, materials, CDs, and courses that educates on ethnic brick-and-mortar beauty supply retailing. We have educated thousands of individuals and have been directly responsible for opening or enhancing dozens of stores from California to Texas, Indiana to New York, Virginia to Florida.

We launched Beauty Supply Entrepreneurship Conference in 2009, just before our 2009 national non-black store boycott (Google it), as a tour then in 2010 made Atlanta a permanent conference location. We decided to expand our reach for our west coast family by adding a winter conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012.

Our founder started a chain of stores from scratch, despite the industry challenges against blacks and ran several non-black stores out of business in his market. Beauty Supply Institute continues to empower and support aspiring beauty store entrepreneurs by placing them on the path to success. Here, your success isn’t dependent on someone hiring you, it’s dependent on you hiring yourself!

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