Chyna Johnson

*22-year-old college student Chyna Johnson says she spent her rent money on tickets for Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ tour — and now the fanatic is facing eviction. She said she “bought Beyonce tickets with my rent money and now I gotta be out by midnight tomorrow.” Speaking to Buzzfeed about her decision, Johnson says she has no regrets.

Chyna shared news about the eviction on Twitter, and her post was subsequently shared over 8,000 times, and attracted plenty of support from other Beyonce fans. Many of them responded by saying, “I would have made the exact same choice, girl,” and “You are my spirit animal.”

Another wrote: “Apartments are temporary, Beyonce is forever,” to which Chyna replied that she will be “putting this on my tombstone.”

Some fans even petitioned Beyonce to pay for Chyna’s rent in recognition of her dedicated fandom, Daily Mail reports.

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However, some Twitter users were quick to accuse Chyna of simply seeking attention, with one writing: “Lies. The eviction process is 90 days at minimum. But this tweet is cute.”

But Chyna claims that every word of her story is true, telling BuzzFeed: ‘It is real. I got an eviction letter and everything.’

“My priorities are definitely in check to be honest,” she said. “I just am a die-hard Beyoncé fan.” Johnson is about to graduate college and says she wanted to go out with a bang. “I had the time of my life. Literally.”

In response to one user saying: “And I hope you have no regrets,” Chyna responded with a simple zero.

As for the apartment, Johnson hopes to persuade her landlord to give her an extension on the rent. “I’ve never ever been late on rent before so I’m hoping she would have some mercy on me,” she said.


Chyna Johnson Chyna Johnson