drake on snl

*If you missed Drake‘s return to “Saturday Night Live,” don’t worry, we’ve curated some clips for you to heck out.

The first time the Canadian rapper/singer/actor hosted “SNL” was two years ago to promote his Nothing Was the Same release.

Hmm, so now it’s 2016 and he’s hosting again, does that mean he has NEW album out?  Duh,  yes that’s what that means.

In fact, that new album, Views, has already set multiple records, including the ones for most album streams in a single week and most concurrent tracks on the Billboard Hot 100. And here’s something you may not know. The initial single, “One Dance,” is Drizzy’s first number one song in the USA!

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Now, as far as his “SNL” appearance is concerned, he pulled a two-fer as host and musical guest. In the opening monologue he sings about memes and does a rather, shall we say, “different” Rihanna impersonation.

Check out that clip and several others below and chime in with your thoughts.

By the way, so far, the prevailing wisdom is that his musical performances were better than his comedic skits.

Opening monologue:

Sexy Kinda Evening with Dennis Walls:

Drake’s Beef:

Drake not feeling Jay Paharoah’s imitation of him:

Black Jeopardy: