Larry Wilmore, Correspondents' Dinner

*In the continuing saga of comedian Larry Wilmore‘s closing line at the White House Correspondence Dinner, where he referred to president Obama out of his name, the executive producer of “Black-ish” says he doesn’t expect to be invited back to host the event again.

In an interview with TheWrap Wilmore said, “I don’t think you want to do this type of thing again. I don’t think anybody would ever ask me back for something like this.”

Wilmore, who has since clarified the difference between the words nIIger and N**ga, with a shout-out to Piers Morgan in particular, has been quoted as saying he realized he “lost the room early.”

According to The Wrap, Wilmore said  he’s “fine” with what he qualified as the “mixed” reaction his performance has received since Saturday.

“It would have been disappointing to completely fail,” he added.

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And though the White House did put out a statement the following day that read, “No biggie,” where the controversial, “Yo Barry, you did it my n*gga” line was concerned, reports say there has been no “direct response” from President Barack Obama about the evening’s remarks to Wilmore.

Though President Obama did return the ‘tap to the heart’ pound initiated by Wilmore while saying the now infamous line.

“I only got an impression immediately from the president that he was cool by his body language,” Wilmore said. “I think you can tell when someone is like, ‘Alright that wasn’t cool, but I’m gonna act like it was.’

“I didn’t get that impression, because that would have been completely nerve-wracking — I would’ve been horrified,” he continued. “I wasn’t trying to rankle the president or anything.”

Wilmore did, however, receive a “good job” note from an Obama aide after the dinner, saying his spot was “great.”